Thanks for the memories!

Our mission:

Working together to create an experience that strengthens individuals, families, and the community by providing a quality, safe, inviting recreational facility; offering fun, meaningful recreational and athletic programs for people of all ages and abilities; fostering the growth and development of our employees; and partnering with the community for long-term success.

Since 2012 The Glacier has provided the opportunity for people all over Southern Utah and beyond to participate in ice sports and recreation. The Glacier has been an example of the good that can be done when local governments put trust in the people of their communities, partnering with private groups to provide something wonderful that neither could have accomplished alone. 

Sadly, as the political leadership of our community has changed, our ability to work in cooperation with city government has changed as well. In March 2020, Cedar City decided to exercise its right to terminate our contract early without cause and move forward with its own agenda to the extreme disappointment of many in our community. 

Despite the frustration and tears, we are proud of what we have accomplished. We are grateful for all the friends, and memories we have made. We feel blessed that we were able to play a part in so many wonderful experiences had by so many people over the years. We are confident that we accomplished our mission.

Thank you to all our supporters, coaches, referees, volunteers and friends!