Our Mission

Working together to create an experience that strengthens relationships between individuals, families, and community.

Our Vision

Creating an Experience

Our Values

Fun, Safety, Accountability, Achievement, Team Work, Pride


Our History

The Glacier Ice Rink has been in operation in its current location since 2013. Ice skating in Cedar City began with a naturally frozen rink boarded by hay bales on Brent Hunter’s farm. It didn’t take long to realize that skating is an activity that people of this area crave. A committee was formed to create a larger more dependable rink that could provide a greater opportunity for the community to participate in skating and ice sports. With a combination of RAP tax funds, a large donation by Staheli West, and thousands of volunteer hours, The Glacier was born.


After six years of operation, The Glacier has outgrown its humble facilities and is in need of major upgrades. Our plan for the future includes an NHL size skating surface, a roof, climate controlled lobby, locker rooms, concessions, spectator seating, and more. This facility will serve our community and carry out our vision with expanded capacity for programs and activities for all.

Our Focus


  • Enhancing our community

  • Creating a sense of community for all who work or play there

  • Establish meaningful relationships with other businesses and organizations in town


  • Programs will be rooted in fun

  • Safe practices will be taught, and execution of those practices will be expected

  • Organized

  • Educational


  • Quality facilities and equipment resulting in a positive experience for everyone involved

  • Safety for those that work there, and those that play there

  • An inviting atmosphere, a place to which people will want to return


  • Development

  • Opportunity

  • Buy-in

  • Fun/Outgoing

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2090 W Royal Hunte Dr

(behind the Aquatic Center)

Cedar City, Utah