Hockey Equipment Retailers

Like most sports, hockey equipment can get pricey, especially for goaltenders and children who seem to outgrow everything you buy them within a year. What follows is a list of local and online retailers where deals can be had.  Note that if you choose to buy equipment second-hand through rummage sales, swaps, ebay, Play it Again Sports, and the like, please pay very close attention to helmets. If they look like they’ve been through the ringer and/or are missing screws, straps and other parts, or if the foam inside has started to decay – stay clear. Helmets are the most important piece of safety equipment you need. Using damaged equipment will not afford you proper protection.

Another consideration is whether to buy from a physical store versus online. Typically, better deals are had online, but the huge disadvantage is not being able to try things on before purchase. And, it’s never the case that “one size fits all”. If the equipment is not comfortable, then the player won’t wear it. Also, poor fitting equipment can be dangerous. This means if you do choose to buy online, know in advance what their return policy is. You may need it.

Shop Local

Unfortunately, with the closure of Sports Authority in Cedar City (which had a limited selection of hockey equipment), customers will be hard pressed to “shop local”.  That said, Big 5 Sporting Goods in St. George sells hockey sticks and pucks. Dicks Sporting Goods in St. George does not carry any ice hockey equipment at this time.

For customers willing to travel a little further, check out Total Hockey and Play it Again Sports in the Salt Lake City area. In Las Vegas, you might try a visit to the Southern Nevada Sports Center.

Online Retailers

These retailers offer a vast selection of equipment and supplies. Some have membership programs that can lead up to big savings (and free returns) if you become a regular customer. In fact, prices seem to be quite comparable from one site to the next. What separates the good, the bad, and the ugly is their reward or membership program. For example, check out Total Hockey’s reward program. Their memberships aren’t free, but as long as you buy more equipment from them in the future, you will save, guaranteed. And, with their store in SLC, you can get 26 free skate sharpenings in the store annually.                                                          


If you need help with sizing equipment, or equipment information in general, visit one of the knowledgeable coaches at Cedar City’s The Glacier Ice Rink. You can also check out – you’ll probably want to bookmark this one.