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Our mission: Working together to create an experience that strengthens individuals, families, and the community by providing a quality, safe, inviting recreational facility; offering fun, meaningful recreational and athletic programs for people of all ages and abilities; fostering the growth and development of our employees; and partnering with the community for long-term success.

Because of the overwhelming utilization of our current facility, we see the need to grow and provide a permanent, professional facility to our region. The Glacier in collaboration with Cedar City and Competitive Rink Consulting has been working with architect Mark Wilson and General Contractor Ellsworth Paulson to design a major upgrade to our ice rink facility. We are proud to unveil our plan below. 

We need the support of our community to make this dream a reality. Whether you are able to donate to or sponsor the project or if you are only able to lend voice in support of the idea, we want to keep you updated on our progress. Fill out the form below and leave us a message. Together we will create something we can all be 

Over the past year, The Glacier has been working with city government to plan a permanent home for a skating rink in Cedar City. After many months of planning, public meetings, and private discussions, the City Council approved a location for the rink and partial funding for the project. This was all contingent upon a lease agreement that would be acceptable for both Cedar City and The Glacier. The Cedar City Attorney drafted a 36-page lease agreement which was approved by the City Council by a 3-to-2 vote (Yea: Terri Hartley, Craig Isom, Ron Adams;  Nay: Scott Phillips, Paul Cozzens). The approved contract grants the City a great deal of flexibility and control over the financial and operational provisions of the agreement all at the risk and expense of The Glacier. These provisions were not included in any of the discussions leading up to the drafting of the contract and render the contract unacceptable. City government has shown no desire to work towards a more cooperative and fair agreement. Therefore, at this time, The Glacier must reject the proposed contract and abandon our plans.


Our rejection of the approved lease agreement in no way indicates our belief in the value and feasibility of a permanent skating facility has wavered. We have witnessed how much our current skating facility means to so many individuals and families in our community. We have thoroughly researched and planned the potential of a permanent facility. We are confident that because of the passion and support of the community at large, Southern Utah will have a permanent skating facility in the future. Until then, we will remain committed, to the current facility, its upkeep, and successful operation for as long as the city will allow us to remain in the current location. We will also continue to support good, viable initiatives that will eventually lead to a permanent skating facility in Southern Utah.”

Project on Hold :(

View complete lease agreement Here


The planned expansion will feature architecture to match the existing style of the Aquatic Center. It will Feature an NHL size ice sheet, a roof to protect the ice from the sun and weather, an elevated seating level as well as ample standing room around the rink for spectators, 5 locker rooms, an indoor heated lobby, restrooms, concessions and skate rental.

The planned expansion will feature architecture to match the existing style of the Aquatic Center. It will Feature an NHL size ice sheet, a roof to protect the ice from the sun and weather, an elevated seating level as well as ample standing room around the rink for spectators, 5 locker rooms, an indoor heated lobby, restrooms, concessions and skate rental.

One of the most unique features of this facility will be its spectacular view of our beautiful Cedar City mountains. With the north and part of the east walls remaining open we will maintain the view and the open outdoor atmosphere that skaters in Cedar City have grown to love. At the same time the roof and surrounding walls will provide great shelter from the elements that have been a challenge in the past.

Visitors to the ice rink will be greeting by a fully enclosed, heated lobby with windows that look out to the ice rink. They will have easy access to the front desk, concessions, skate rentals, and restrooms within the lobby. 

Our ice season will run from October through March. This will provide more time for all the winter programming we have all come to love as well as allowing time for us to develop more winter programming such as figure skating and curling.

April through September our main events will be roller skating events. We will offer roller skating public skate sessions, roller skating skate school, roller hockey, etc. In addition to roller skating programming we plan to offer summer day camps that will include skating, a variety of other sports, swimming, kayaking and more. The facility will also be open for a variety of other uses such as volleyball, indoor soccer, dances, concerts, and many more.


September 25, 2019

We are exited to announce that, in dramatic fashion, the city council has approved our funding request. This will give us nearly half of the need $5.7 million for this project. We are excited to continue with our fundraising efforts and hope to have the project fully funded some time next year.

August 20, 2019

UPDATE: There have been many twists and turns in our quest to find a permanent home for the ice rink in Cedar City. After our first proposal to upgrade the rink in its current location, the Cedar City Council voted that they would like a new proposal to locate the rink in another location on the same property with the understanding that the new location would cost more to build the rink and that the city would need to make up the additional cost with city funding. The new location for the rink would allow the city to build gyms at a lower cost in the future where the rink is currently located.

We have worked hard over the last several weeks with the architect, engineers, and contractors to develop a new plan and cost estimates for the facility in the new location. The new Cedar City Pavilion will provide all the amenities we need to provide a full year's worth of exciting activities!!

April 10, 2019

BIG NEWS: we had a great meeting at City Council. The vibe was positive from all sides. In the end, we got the YES vote we needed to move forward. Now the real work starts to make this dream a reality!!

April 3, 2019

We presented our plan to the City Council. We had a lot of positive feedback and learned of some concerns. We have our work cut out for us now to resolve concerns before the next meeting next Tuesday.

March 20, 2019:

We presented our plan the the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board today. We answered a lot of questions and following our presentation the board voted unanimously to recommend this proposal to the City Council. We will present this proposal to the City Council April 3rd and ask the Council to vote to move this forward. Then the real work starts. We hope to see you all at the City Council Meeting April 3rd to show your support!!

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